The Dream Flag

Dream Flag (Tibetan namkhyen gyaldar)

“In the early summer of 1980, while His Holiness, the 16th Gyalwa Karmapa was visiting Boulder, Colorado, I had the good fortune to be his personal seamstress. One morning he called me into his sitting room at Marpa House and showed me three small coloured pencil sketches of a flag. He told me (through a translator) that he had dreamed that “wherever this flag was flown, the Dharma would flourish”. He asked me to make one.”

“I sketched out on graph paper what I thought represented the complete symmetry of his drawings and confirmed my representation with him before proceeding to enlarge my pattern to accommodate a full-size flag. The first Dream Flag was raised on Midsummer’s Day. The Dharma has been flourishing ever since.”

Deborah Luscomb,

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