KTTG celebrates Earth Summit & HHK’s 27th birthday

On June 20, 2012 we honored the Earth in a special celebration connecting us to the Earth Summit + 20 in Rio today.  At dawn a treasure vase was buried at the Quartz Crystal, followed by a Sang at Chammaling.  The special prayers and intention for the healing of this earth culminated at the Stupa

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How to get to the Stupa

The Tranquil Way route to the stupa, which was the primary access during summer months, has now been permanently closed. The only access now is via Dreamway. Simple directions: From County Road T, just before it makes a sharp left to go into the town of Crestone, make a right on Camino Baca Grande into

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Zoe’s Composition of an Earth Sadhana

Zoe wrote an Earth Sadhana for Earth Day, April 22, 2011. It has since been recited a few times, in a few ways. For instance in June, 2011 we combined energies with Universal Dances for Peace and danced the three parts of the sadhana with the mantras to Green Tara, Chenrezig and Medicine Buddha (see

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Karmapa’s 2011 Birthday Celebration

More than 40 people from all faiths came to help celebrate HH Karmapa’s birthday on a hot bright June day at the Tashi Gomang Stupa. We chanted the liturgy Zoe had written using the Green Tara, Chenrezig and Medicine Buddha mantras. Then the group danced and sang each of these mantras with special melodies and

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Zoe’s Earth Sadhana

This Sadhana is made available for personal or group use. EARTH SADHANA Om Ah Hung. We sing our prayer to the Earth our home today. I take refuge in this very moment with all of you seen and unseen who care about the Earth today____(fill in the day and date)_________________. I take refuge in the

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