Farewell letter from outgoing Director Jacquelyn Zoe de Bray

Zoe has resigned as director of KTTG. She has been a visionary, loving and hard-working leader for our small and diverse group. She will be deeply missed here in Crestone where she has not only accomplished many great acheivements for KTTG but has also forged deep bonds with the other spiritual centers and the entire community. She is being replaced as director by the devoted and hardworking couple Sergey and Kelly Noskov. Watch this space for their introduction.

Letter from Zoe

Thanks to All of You!

June 21,2013

First thanks to Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche who came to Crestone to teach in March 2010. Thanks to the Stupa where he gave that teaching, thanks to Crestone where I was going to move and continue life-time retreat in March 2010. Thanks to the Karmapas…on account of which none of this would have happened– this way anyhow. Thanks to Bo, Barbara, Dennis, Steve, Anne, Chester, Jim, Harriet, Jim, Mark, Julian, Bea, Paul, and all you Friends of Karmapa. Thanks to all of you my plans changed radically at that teaching in front of the Stupa sitting with all of you who were then strangers to me.

We came together because the Stupa asked to be refurbished and we did it. It happened in 6 months from fund raising until completion. We fixed up the Halaby house and the cabins and consolidated lands and made lots of efforts to finding an access road to the Stupa…and so many parties at the Stupa and smoke offerings and dancing for peace and mosquitoes and Thrangu’s visits and, and…a trip to see His Holiness the 17th Karmapa in India. These years were packed.

This has been a wonderful, wonderful 3 year 3 month adventure and now it is time for me to say goodbye and return to retreat…and who knows what the future will bring for all of us. It has been difficult for me to leave you and Crestone and the Stupa, though I know it is time for now…

Sayanara from me to you

Now another circle and time begins with the new Co-Directors, Kelly and Sergey Noskov, who live at the Halaby house and have made it the beautiful center it was always meant to be. Thank you thank you all and love to all of you for this wonderful time. Please read about the many gifts our new Directors, the Noskovs, bring to all of us in Crestone and beyond.

Kelly and Sergey and all you Friends of Karmapa may your wonderous sacred adventures continue as I know they will…let me know, stay in touch.



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